About Test & Tune

The purpose of the test and tune session is to:

  • Improve your speed/handling
  • Dial in your static suspension settings – (ride height, race sag, camber, castor, toe)
  • Improve your body position and riding techniques by instruction and chase rider
  • Dial in your dynamic suspension settings – (front and rear springs, crossovers, shock compression and rebound dampening etc.)
  • Get followed by a chase rider to help you fine tune your riding position and how you are addressing obstacles

What we will be doing:

  • Riding – while we are watching and taking notes
  • Scaling the quad
  • Static setup
  • Discussing notes
  • Riding more
  • Changing front and rear springs; also crossover spacers
  • Working on shock settings and if needed re-valving shocks.

What is included in the price:

  • Riding fees and admission
  • Setup of bike first day (if buying conversion set, we would like them few days before test date)
  • All assembly and disassembly if or when needed
  • Lunch and Track Cooler Supply

What is available for extra cost:

  • Springs if needed
  • Any extra parts if needed
  • Lodging
  • Transportation to and from track


  • We start @ 8:30am – with a sit down and note taking session – your mechanic is welcome to attend.
  • Static setup and digital scale check – chase riders show up and suit up.
  • 2nd Day riding the MX course for technique
  • Riding the woods track if XC or GNCC rider
  • Work on suspension settings and shock adjustments
  • More riding and working on springs and dampening if necessary
  • Riding the MX/XC track and everyone critique
  • Watching chase rider for examples
  • Continue dialing suspension the rest of the day

2 People Max @ $300 each quad*  but others welcome to ride along and pick-up knowledge while we focus on the primary riders.

Call for details – deposit required – Shock service required at a special price prior to test session (we want to focus on completely dialing your setup – not shock service that day).

Call us at (660)833-8981

Thank you for your interest in JET’s Suspension Test and Tune Session