Checking ATV Setup


Check Sag– This gives us a good bench mark of spring, shock length and preload for that particular link.
This takes 2 people – Take a tape measure and measure behind the rear tire from the axle to some point straight up on maybe a plastic mounting bolt – WHILE the rider lifts up on the rear grab bar until the rear tires are off the ground (shock is fully extended).  The shock must be fully extended!!  – remember this measurement.

Now keep the tape measure right there and the rider can let the rear down then stand on the foot pegs while holding the handlebars – this gives a neutral position to measure.  The difference between the first measurement and now is the SAG.

SAG = _______________

Ride Height – Make sure tire pressure is correct!

With the rider standing on the pegs NOT SITTING, measure from the ground to the bottom of the frame in 2 places (under foot pegs and under the radiator.

 Front = _______________    Rear = ________________

Rear Shock rebound – NEVER bottom the rebound adjuster hard and you never want to run the adjuster all the way hard!  (Will Hydro lock shock components)

Are you able to pull the rear tires just off the ground when you push down then pull quickly up on the rear grab bar (without extended the rear shock all the way).  The point of this is to have the rear tires fall away from you when you pull up quickly.  This is kind of an art, but you do it enough, you’ll get the feel.  If so, how far do the rear tires come off the ground (i.e. ½”, 1” or 2”)

 Rear Tires off?______________    How far roughly?_________

Where is the rebound adjuster from all the way hard?___________


Checking shock length – remove all three shocks.  Now you want to block the bottom of the frame under footpeg area and under radiator area.  Take an shock eye to eye measurement, then you will drop the quad on lower blocks and take an eye to eye measurement – this will give us extension and compression length as well as shock travel and wheel travel (motion ratio).

For TT – Extended length   9.25” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

Compressed length   1” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

For MX – Extended length        12” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

Compressed length   1.5” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

For XC – Extended length   11.75” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

Compressed length   1.5” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

For Desert – Extended length     12.5” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________

Compressed length   2” Blocks  Front __________Rear__________


  1. Does the rear end buck up or kick up in the rear when you hit something?_____________
  2. Does the rear squat coming out of the corner and get good traction?_________________
  3. Does the rear bottom at all?  hard?___________________________________________
  4. Does the front bottom?_____________________________________________________
  5. Is it overall harsh or plush ride?_______________________________________________
  6. Does the front roll over on corner entry?________________________________________
  7. On jumps does the quad fly level?_____________________________________________ 


Tools needed:

  • An extra person – preferably someone your same weight
  • Or the same amount of weight as you (I use a few 50lb bags of salt)
  • 15’ of String
  • (2) jack stands
  • (2) tie-downs
  • And large L square
  • Tape measure
  • 15/16” wrenches
  • Gloves
  • Hammer
  • Punch

We designed this kit to be easy and since we continually test – the kit is basically ready to bolt on and go – except for the camber adjust (if you purchased that option).  Setting static setup is not necessary, unless you really want that extra performance.  If you were to bring your quad to our shop and have us install your kit – our JET technicians will do a complete static setup.