Spring Rating Service

We professionally rate any suspension coil spring, multiple springs, dual springs, progressive springs and spring charting for crossover heights.  This service is only $12 per spring stack. From Indy Cars to your Grandma’s Dodge Dart!  All accomplished by a specially-modified quantum digital spring rater.

What is this anyway?  We digitally rate the exact force of the spring.  Some coil spring manufacturers have a quality variance of beyond 10%.  That means a 200 lb. spring may be as low as 180 lbs. or as high as 220 lbs.  How would you like to have a 180 lb. on one side and a 220 on the other?  No thank you.  We also have computer crossover position graphing spring rating to see exact crossover positions and poundage.

This service allows us to match coil springs, ensure that the factory rating is correct, set spring heights, etc.