Steering Damper Service

Steering Damper Service servicing most major brands, Precision, GPR, W.E.R., Elka- pricing ranges from $40 to $60 plus parts if necessary.
Consists of:
  • reasonable cleaning
  • disassembly of body and valving components
  • Polish piston rod
  • new oil
  • nitrogen charge.
  • inspection of eyelet bearings
  • — Any parts needed are at an extra charge (we will call you before we replace them).
  • Standard service is recommended as a freshen up during the race season.  If you are getting ready to start the season, JET Rebuild is recommended – which is precautionary change of all o-rings, oil seal, wiper seal and disassembly of adjusters, rebound metering rod and polishing / lubrication of rebound metering rod.