Toe in or Out

Toe is the front tires pointed in or out rather than perfectly straight ahead.  This scrubs the tire slightly and reduced the felling of wandering on the straightaway.  Typically Toe OUT is desired – but that presents a problem for cross country when dodging trees – NEVER run Toe OUT in the woods – if you touch a tree, the tree will grab the already toed out tire and turn it for you leaving the quad flipping in the trail and the rider sailing over the bars – I hate to say this but I have experienced this first hand with a broken tie-rod end in a 3rd gear pinned straightaway.  So woods – Toe IN!  With the current design of front steering geometry we don’t want to run too much since more toe will exaggerate the affect of “Bump Steer”.

Target: XC / Woods / Trail / Desert – 1/16” to 3/16” Toe IN each side

TT / MX / – 1/16” to 3/16” Toe OUT each side

OVAL – Straight outside tire and  1/8” to ¼” Toe OUT on inside tire

  1. Place quad on flat, level surface and weight on quad to simulate ride height.
  2. Use a couple of tie-downs to lightly hold the handlebars in the center position while you adjust camber and toe.
  3. Pick a middle point on the rear of the quad (hopefully it isn’t bent!) and measure from each side of the handlebars to your point and tighten or loosen the tie-downs to achieve center position.
  4. Once in the center take two jack stands and tie the string around one with it sitting in front of one of the tires – then run the string down the side of the tire – around the rear tires, then back passed the other front tire creating a U.  Tie it around the second jack stand and move the stands in or out until the string just touches the front and rear side of the REAR tire (SEE PICTURE).  This gives us a line to measure against the sides of the front tire.
  5. Adjust Toe by turning the tie-rod until you reach the TARGET setting above.
  6. Tighten down the tie-rods ends taking care that the ends will have maximum movement when tight and not bind during any part of the suspension stroke.